Periodictable Remember the periodic table? I sure do!

A few years ago, in what feels like a complete other life, I taught high school chemistry. That’s right. I didn’t follow through (at least not yet) in a teaching career for a few reasons. 1) I was young at the time and routinely mistaken as one of the kids (despite dressing up every day so to appear different from them) 2) I was intimidated as hell  and 3) no matter how animated you are, unless you are making things explode, you have twenty faces looking back at you like this:


Maybe someday I’ll do this teaching bit again, folks. Just not now.

But somehow I got to thinking about the periodic table today, probably because I read a blurb that the first word written in neon lights was, indeed, neon. Thought I would use the periodic table as the piece that tied all my links together. Ready, class? Let’s crack some books…

The lightest stuff besides hydrogen but way less explosive. Has the added benefit of making people laugh when they suck it in.

Scanner blog Ok so I’ll just say it, this blog is way funnier than mine. Completely inappropriate I can’t read it at work 1) because it’s indecent and 2) I laugh out loud everytime. Celebrity gossip, funny videos, and pop culture fun, it’s light and fun.

Necessary to life as we know it. Combines with hydrogen to make water, helps drive photosynthesis. Elemental (ha!)

Six Essential Money Skills Kiplingers has got you covered with six things everyone should know, especially your kids before they leave home.

Element that makes up all organic things. Something that is becoming of increasing concern to people as global warming finally hits the mainstream.

Briefs from Xconomy Xconomy is a great blog about not only economical things but really interesting things. These are the kind of nuggets of knowledge that make you think (not to mention sound smart) without reading The Economist from cover to cover.It is one of my favorite blogs I subscribe to. This particular link I saved has briefs about increased kidney stones due to global warming, using the ocean to sequester carbon, and a new kind of battery. This post gets kudos for actually mentioning at least three different elements (at least that I noticed).

Strengthens bones. A common additive to drinking water that works well in small amounts.

Your Financial Life on One Page (FLOP) Lynnae at Being Frugal has given me the great idea of compiling everything from my financial life (regular bills, bank account numbers, etc.) onto one page. Simple and invaluable in an emergency situation.

Yellow powdery element. Smells (and probably tastes) bad.

13 Things Your Waiter Won’t Tell You I got this link from Cheap Healthy Good. Talk about ruining your appetite but you should totally read this to affirm your at home cooking.

Cheap Wine According to Freakonomics, the your average bunch of economists (and therefor the average person) can not tell a good wine from a cheap wine in a blind taste test. So much for blaming the sulfites. 

A noble gas and the only true weapon against Superman.

The Annoying Scrapers Edition Gather Little By Little talks about how people have been ripping off his posts and putting them on their sites. Then they just put a bunch of Google ads on the blog and hope that your work brings them money without giving you credit. Other bloggers talked about it this week too, so I looked into it. I was shocked to find that this has actually happened to me. Someone took my writing sans permission and put it on their site. The only true weapon against bloggers (or any writers really) is stealing their words to make money.

More links another time but for now, it’s time to relax. Class dismissed!

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