So The Boss Up Summit slid into my DMs (aka paid someone to get my email and put me on a marketing list) so I took an initial look at the Summit a few weeks ago:

When I saw they had an Instagram-specific training as part of this online summit, promising watching it would ‘boss up’ my Instagram in its title, I had to give it one more try, just in case. Plus, I found my tiara, and how often do I get to dress up for these things?!

Now, you’ll notice that I do not critique the young presenter of this session. Doing so felt icky for many reasons, but I want to point out that Jeanne Marie, the organizer of this Summit, had a lot of power to make this better, so I’m sticking in this video to comment on that.

I want to note that none of us should blindly agree with someone’s ideas because they are of a certain race, gender, age, or anything else. I am not knocking off another woman’s crown by pointing out ways this content could have been better. (I think I will make a video about it, actually, but I’m saying that out loud in case you don’t see that one.)

You’ll notice this Nicole Reacts playlist has various people I react to, and that is not an accident. Besides sticking to commentary about marketing and presentation, I say when I agree and disagree with them. I would not use the phrase ‘fair and balanced’, but let’s say I go for ‘entertaining and even-handed.’ Not to spoil it, but we learn almost nothing about Instagram in this training, but I try to add what I think it would take to be a micro influencer in case it’s helpful.

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