Sunny Lenarduzzi promises us passive and consistent income with her course Authority Accelerator. It costs around $6K, and most of her YouTube content over the last two years has been testimonials (about 8% of her students, are they incentivized to leave one? Makes me wonder…)

Today, we watch a call with one of her students and discuss government contract work (see resources below), the ‘launch’ model of courses and why it doesn’t work (I agree with Sunny on this one!), and if marketing can ever really be evergreen (spoiler: I’ve never seen anything work forever).

OG video:

Sunny’s earnings disclaimer on her site basically says claims on the site and you believing them is your responsibility:

Nicole Reacts: Brendan Burchard (Part One):
Nicole Reacts: Brendan Burchard (Part Two):

PTAC (AKA a free resource helping you get into government contracting) website, including regional search:

If you want to get to be a woman-owned business, minority-owned business, etc., in the eyes of the federal government (US):
Note: there are qualifications if your business is below a certain revenue amount and/or if you are in a disadvantaged area as well. See if you qualify for something even if you aren’t a veteran, woman, or minority.

What POP apparently stands for (the only article I could find):

Nicole Reacts: Bethany Beal/She Works Smart:

Before spending thousands on making a course, check out online course platform guides.

Thinkific’s guide to creating and selling an online course:
Teachable’s guide to creating an online course:

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