Note: I’m traveling the week of this upload, but I’ll put it as a premier so you can watch it live and snark without me! 🙂

Ryan Blair sold his MLM for close to $800 million, and somehow, after thousands of hours of meditating and communing with a higher power, rather than donating money to charity or dedicating his life to, say, helping a vulnerable population, he has started Altar Call, a business coaching for spiritual leaders whose pricing appears to start at $1000/month.

But it’s okay, all because God told him to. God might have told the disciples to leave everything and follow Jesus and said it would be harder for a rich person to get into heaven than a camel to pass through the eye of a needle… but somehow, this same God told Ryan to make money off people wanting to run their business spiritually.

Jessica recommended this guy, and while some of his shorter-form content can be more tolerable, this guy is a grifter. Watch me not only snark but apparently reach into my brain from the years I spent reading the Bible cover to cover! Spoiler: you will not learn how to tell your business story in this training, but I linked to a few storytelling frameworks in the show notes, including from our friend Donald Miller from last week’s reaction!

OG video:

Resources Mentioned:

Nicole Reacts: Donald Miller (Audio Only): (This is the StoryBrand guy.)

Apple wasn’t started in a garage:

Storybrand’s hero’s journey:

Campbell versus Volger’s Hero’s Journey:

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