Welcome to Nicole Reacts where I, Nicole, react to online marketing guru trainings I find on the internet. Today’s suggestion is from Jessica again (she recommended Eric Worre so we love her) and I thought I picked a training that was tactical and specific but in true guru style, it was general and tries to sell you a course most of the time. I have thoughts about virtual backgrounds, Tiktok and more to add… also sales funnels aren’t that hard if you explain them a bit.

Resources Mentioned:
My TikTok video of how it works Part One: https://breakingeveninc.com/my-first-month-on-tiktok/
TikTok Part Two: https://breakingeveninc.com/tiktok-part-two/ (this is one of the most popular videos on my channel oddly enough)

Link to Lifespan of a Social Media post image:

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