Today, I react to someone who’s been on my list for a while: Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income. On the surface, he seems fine. But when he implies your podcast episode will get 10,000 downloads or that a $500-$ 5,000 course is what is needed to start podcasting, that’s when I’m not so sure.

It’s a fine line between empowering content creators to make content that makes our viewers feel like a marketing thing is doable while not blowing smoke up people’…. Anyway, let’s talk about it.

Resources Mentioned:

Cost of college credit hours on average:

How creators are paid on YouTube versus other platforms:

Video I made about content monetization:

Video I made about small businesses monetizing content:

Video I made about Dave Hollis and how he changed his monetization strategy (and why it wasn’t working for him – this was made a while back clearly):

Tiktoks being indexed by Google:

How Instagram lets creators monetize:

Video I made about Pinterest driving website traffic (and what kinds of things people search Pinterest for):

No Click SEO broadcast with Shane Perry:

10 Free Diagnostic Tests For Your Website:

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