10 Diagnostic Tests For Your Website

Here are the list of tools we discuss in the video. Note: currently Website Grader isn’t working fantastic in my browser so I figured out a workaround in case you also have a similar issue. 🙂

Is your domain registered to you? Is it expiring tomorrow?

How fast is your website loading? How can you make it load faster? http://tools.pingdom.com

Overall, how is your website doing in terms of performance?
https://website.grader.com/ (I figured out a way to cheat this! Type in: https://website.grader.com/results/breakingeveninc.com and substitute your URL where ‘breakingeveninc.com’ is. Bonus with this method is you don’t have to give your email address to see the report.)

How accessible is your website? What can be done to make sure all people can appreciate it?

How readable is your text? What will make your content more readable?

Are there any links coming into your website that are broken? Are there any links on your website that are broken?
https://error404.atomseo.com (internal and external)

Does your website have a sitemap? Where is it?

Does your website have an RSS feed? Where is it?

Are there any major coding errors on your web pages?

What is your web page’s default title and description?
Google search will display this.

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