Nicole Reacts: If you’re in tech, you’ve probably run into Neil Patel’s face at some point. Hell, I’ve even linked to some of his tutorials in the content on my blog because, let’s face it, who has time to rewrite a 2000-word how-to with screenshots if someone else has already done the thing?

I completely forgot about reacting to him until, upon visiting, I saw his face (his company recently acquired the website), and he got back on my radar.

After seeing this video, I will be much more hesitant to link to Neil Patel’s shorter-form content. Though I will agree that is a useful tool.

(Related to nothing, I normally rough edit in Descript and then move it to another editing software for the final copy, but after my normal final editing software crashed on me 6 times, I just did a Descript edit. I’m traveling for work again, so I will take time to learn new things when I return. Thanks for understanding!)

OG Video:

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***Links/Sources For Video***
Neil started marketing at 16:,because%20he%20had%20no%20choice.

Whoops, ‘influencer’ happened as a word in 2016, not 2017, as I said in the video:,it%20was%20only%20just%20emerging.

Shopify Returns Rate:
Another website citing Hubspot says 20-30% is the normal return rate:,%25%20(Source%3A%20Hubspot).

What are dark patterns in design (this stuff is interesting for even non-marketers):

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