Today’s reaction video is to Lewis Howes, in the guru circle, sharing platforms with folks like Marie Forleo and Grant Cardone. Most of his material is interviewing subject matter experts, so I thought it was important to find something where he talks about something himself.

What you think might be a 10-minute presentation about personal branding is actually an infomercial for Lewis Howes. Other than ‘make content consistently’ and ‘invest in design’, there isn’t much for the average person to take away.

In the broadcast, I talk about my business and personal branding interchangeably, mainly because my business was just me for a long time. And then it grew to another staff member and me. And then another. And while there are only four of us in the company, I am still transitioning to thinking of this more as an agency. (Note: one of our part-timers was starting her own business the last couple of years, and it ramped up enough for her to move on so congrats to Patti! If you want to support her:

One thing I didn’t mention but wanted to is if you want a professional-looking logo, I do have a broadcast about Paths to a Logo:
And you can check out a few AI tools, like and, that create logos you can try for free and get your assets for a minimal investment (not affiliate links).
In short, you can have a brand without being a white guy with a podcast.

OG video:

Resources Mentioned:

Why Lewis Howes masculinity message is problematic:

Brand Statement template:

Nicole Reacts: Jeff Lerner:

Ask Nicole Livestream: Bro Branding:

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