Kyrsti Snyder (which I accidentally, I swear, pronounced at Kristy this whole video – sorry!) is a network marketing trainer with Ray Higdon vibes in a saving money MLM called Savings Highway Global, which we had to DIG for in the first-ever video posted on this topic:

Thanks to @sugarcookieclown, subscribe to their channel for their intro to this character to support!

This video is part one of two reactions to more Kyrsti marketing training.

Resources mentioned:
Channels that have inspired me to try to do other stuff while reacting besides talking:
Deecee’s Channel (for great live streams, some of which involve crafting):

The Clown Town’s Channel:

No More Bad Zoom playlist with Zoom tips and tricks:

Nicole’s actually free class about starting an online business:

TikTok doesn’t allow MLM content:

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