Related video: Nicole Reacts: Jeff Bullas (Part One):

We continue with online marketing expert Jeff Bullas… and we really see the full extent of some of his ridiculousness in the Q and A portion.

The general ideas his presentation talked about (in fairness, he mostly concentrated on owned media but mentioned the other two):
Earned Media: media/links that is not on your channels that you haven’t paid for
Owned Media: media/links that is part of your own channels (your email/website)
Paid Media: media/links you’ve paid for

OG video:

Thanks Zoë Wood for making an AWESOME Nicole Reacts Bingo Card. I uploaded it to our website (note 1) no immediate popup and 2) no need to give your email to download because I practice what I preach):

Resources Mentioned:

OptIn Monster (looks like not free anymore):
SumoMe (we have the free button on the BEC website homepage):

A broadcast I did about earned media:

A broadcast I did about paid traffic (ads) that’s general but good:

An article from someone else about Tim Ferris’ “The Four Hour Work Week” summarized points where it mentions the empowering employee thing I talked about:

Links to the time they tried to make us bloggers make online magazines:

A broadcast I did about Google My Business:

Awww, they’re trying to sell Obox Mobile WordPress theme, cute! (Just make your site responsive, trust me):

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