Jeff Bullas and I started our blogs around the same time (actually I started two years earlier) but one of us is on dozens of ‘best of’ marketing lists and has way more fame – can you guess who? 🙂

This is a general presentation from Jeff about how to get traffic to your website for free. This presentation was circa 2016 and the graphics are internet retro (as are some of the ideas) but many things still ring true.

Do I think it could have had more AV appeal? Yes.
Do I think some of the information could have been presented better? Absolutely.
Does he say anything so wrong I want to scream? No.
Does he talk to the people he’s presenting to like content creation is their full-time job and act like they too could tweet 48 times a day and somehow that’s better than buying a Facebook ad? Ding ding ding!

As usual, I try to be the fun guest host and fill in info where I think it is missing, hence the ridiculous length of our show notes today! Part Two is where I will count every time he says ‘this is important (apparently EVERYTHING is essential in that second half and it might be here too so check for it).

OG video:

Thanks Zoë Wood for making an AWESOME Nicole Reacts Bingo Card. I uploaded it to our website (note 1) no immediate popup and 2) no need to give your email to download because I practice what I preach):

Resources Mentioned:
Where you can verify traffic, sources of traffic, and similar websites to some of the largest websites online:

Ridiculous stock photos:
Royalty free historical photos:

A broadcast I did about earned media:

A broadcast I did about paid traffic (ads) that’s general but good:

A blog I wrote about how much I hate ‘Boost Post’ on Facebook and what you should do instead:

Nicole Reacts: Rachel Hollis (where I talk about why tribes is not a good term to use):

My favorite online booking tool currently:

A blog I wrote about blog carnivals, which were weird but worked:

How to run a social media competition (best practices because there are more rules than you think) Part One:

How to run a social media competition (examples and ideas Part Two with guest star Jessica:

Here’s Tweepi (sadly not free anymore):
Here’s SocialOomph (free version but kind of limited):
RIP TwitterFeed

My broadcast about automation (AKA how to replicate what TwitterFeed was doing):

A website where you can type in a topic and it will generate questions people are asking search engines:

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