It’s Holiday Marketing Hell, which means our yearly (ok, it’s only been two years) reaction to GoDaddy’s holiday marketing training. Not many folks do training specific to the December holidays, but Godaddy delivers.

Now, we’re not the biggest fans of Godaddy (the section of the video from last year explaining why): That said, on this channel, we try to be even-handed and are here to say this training isn’t bad, just very general and with no citing of sources.

This is a long one, folks, and I only realized my camera was out of focus the first part after I recorded for four hours (and I sadly don’t have time to re-record), so it might be a good one for listening if you’re going to do that. I also recommend doing something else because the training is a bit boring—perhaps some baking or knitting or similar cozy activity.

Happy Holidays if you celebrate, and thanks for supporting our channel!

Resources mentioned:
Our blog about why Godaddy can sell you a $0.99 domain name (hint: they make what they need to and more later down the sales funnel):

Last year’s broadcast:

A free place to look up some keywords:

Services where you can make cute landing pages for Instagram/TikTok (minus your own website):

How to make custom events (AKA do things like track a button click on your website) with Google Analytics 4: (these are WordPress instructions, but if you hate this and want us to set it up

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