Want to work 30 minutes a day and make $128? Does that sound very specific? I thought so, too when this guy spammed my contact form… but since he wants me to talk about him, let’s do it!

Fergal Downes is trying to sell us his Empire program, which is a revolutionary way to affiliate market, which somehow takes very little time, costs no money in ads, starts earning money right away, and doesn’t require any technical skills. Sounds great but unrealistic? I think so, too.

In this video, we’ll look at two low-effort sales videos as well as this landing page selling us on this program that costs… $37/month. Yup, the price ends in a 7, but of course it does!

PS. I am not picking on this guy very specifically. I could have a whole video series about guys running schemes like this. If you have others you’ve seen in YouTube ads or in your contact form spam, let me know so I can add them to my list, and we can make a miniseries.

Resources mentioned:

Videos: https://www.youtube.com/@fergaldownes/videos

Landing page link: https://fergalscoaching.com/empire-trial-offer/

The weird website that is connected with the domain that spammed me: https://www.tarocchigratis.info/contatti/

Ahrefs free backlink checker: https://ahrefs.com/backlink-checker

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