Donald Miller is an author-turned-high-ticket marketing consultant. He has podcasts on the same network as Amy Porterfield and of course, he’s connected with the other marketing gurus (their episodes are linked below).

While I don’t have any issues with some of this advice (ex: clarifying your message, asking for the sale), I do have a problem with him implying that setting up systems like CRMs can be done quickly and easily. As someone who has to have follow-up conversations with people who have consumed this flavor of content, I need Donald Miller and others to be realistic about how much time redesigning a website or setting up a CRM is going to take the average small business owner who doesn’t do it all day. Otherwise, when someone tries to do it, they either get frustrated and quit or feel shame thinking somehow it is their fault they weren’t able to execute.

This episode is audio only – let me know if you like this kind of format!

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DeeCee, the person who helped me get enough subscribers to monetize recently:

Branding sentence template: *Our company* helps *our customer* *do this thing* by *providing this product/service* so they can *have this outcome or benefit.*

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SEO is nice but being more visible in search might look differently for you than just making sure your website is on point. Below are some things I’d recommend most small businesses do or think about that won’t take hours to set up:

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No Click SEO with Shane Perry: (about how a majority of searches in Google don’t result in a click to a website)

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