Daniel Kump is on Kyrsti Snyder’s ‘The Funnel Team’ as part of the MLM Savings Highway Global. His TikTok videos are similarly cringey as hers, but I wanted a longer training we could sink our teeth into. My main complaint is this 48-minute training could have been 5 minutes. Literally, but don’t worry, we keep it fun, and I show you what I think you should know about what he talks about, including tracking links and redirects.

OG video:
Sugar Cookie Clown’s YouTube channel that brought Kyrsti Snyder into all our lives:

Alternatives to Google Analytics with James Noble:

All my Kyrsti Snyder reaction videos:
The First Kyrsti video:
The Second Kyrsti Snyder Video (Part One):
The Second Kyrsti Snyder Video (Part Two):

The The Third Kyrsti Snyder Video:

Nicole Reacts: Seth Godin:

Google URL builder: https://ga-dev-tools.google/campaign-url-builder/
Tracking link creator: https://bitly.com

A service that lets you crosspost short videos easily: https://repurpose.io/

Please support the person who helped me monetize this channel twoish years sooner than I would have been able to otherwise:

Are multiple redirections bad for SEO? It seems so:


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