Looking for a guru to sell you a marketing course? Even if you haven’t been, you’ve likely gotten a Dan Lok ad here on YouTube (or is it just me)? Here, we’ll look at three videos he’s posted about social media, and I won’t bury the lede here. I don’t think you need to buy his courses to learn more about social media (or any) marketing. He spends a lot of time flexing his lifestyle and seems to make a lot of his money selling courses versus running an actual business. Coffeezilla has covered him extensively if you want to dive further into his actual business practices:

Link to one of the OG videos:

Resources Mentioned: Nicole Reacts: Kevin David

Nicole Reacts: Tai Lopez

Blog post I wrote in 2014 where I postulated you really only need 300 fans (and I still stand by this):

Lifespan of different kinds of social media content:

Pinterest versus Snapchat look (I thought the title of this one was catchy):

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