Listen, I want AI to do all my work for me, too, but unfortunately, it’s not there yet… and I’m wondering if it’s gonna be like self-driving cars where it takes us 20ish years to sort of get something that kind of works under very specific circumstances.

Chat GPT can’t fact check and can’t have lived experience… so while it can help you reword content, generate ideas, outline content, or even help you write things like emails, it is still very unclear about who ‘owns’ the content, it produces from a copyright sense so like any other tool, start slow and tread with some caution (mainly don’t make anything you want to copyright with Chat GPT.)

Also, you are still doing at least half the work on all these tasks, so don’t be fooled by the video thumbnail of this ‘masterclass’.

By the way, if a 20-minute YouTube video can be a masterclass, my three-hour workshops are college credit. Just saying.

Wes McDowell knows what he’s talking about, but so do many other people who don’t charge $1000 an hour like us.

Resources mentioned:

How to change the ‘temperature’ of Chat GPT:

Some copywriting frameworks to try with Chat GPT or otherwise:

My video about AI in marketing I did in February 2023:

OG video we are reacting to:

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