Brock Johnson is an Instagram expert… who is also Chalene Johnson’s son. (In case you are unfamiliar, she is an eight-figure social media influencer. I’m going to guess it is easier to climb the social media ladder with that solid head start.)

Now, in my opinion, nepotism isn’t great but unavoidable in our society, and it doesn’t make you a bad person as long as
a) you acknowledge it on some level,
b) you don’t imply what you do can work for other people, and
c) you use your place of privilege to help others when you can.
I don’t find Brock explicitly doing any of these things sadly.

Brock is, however, less guilty than other people I’ve reacted to of making ridiculous verbal claims of riches, success, or ease doing this stuff… but the Instagram thumbnail to this video says $2500/week for Instagram Reels… I had to say something.

In this video, Brock sells their $47/month online community and their $197 influencer course, but he goes over ways to make money on Instagram. It’s all accurate information… but what makes this video a bit gross is the thumbnail and the implication that normal people with small audiences can make a lot of money on Instagram Reels. In general, they can’t, and those who do are a small minority.

In addition to being a giant bummer in this video like I usually am about making a quick buck on the internet, we do talk about what it really means to monetize your Instagram (you can; it is just not going to be quit your job money for a long time if ever, sorry!) among other things.

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How much do influencers make a year sources:

Affiliate marketplaces (AKA where you can apply to multiple affiliate programs at the same time):

Eligibility requirements for monetizing your Instagram reels (AKA showing ads on your videos):

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