One consistent complaint I have with the marketing gurus I react to in this series is they will tell you all the things you do that are WRONG but never how to do them right. Trainers act like these amazing salespeople and never show themselves making a sale.

In this video, Brian promises sales calls… and we get him calling cold leads to get them to watch a video, but we don’t see him close the sale. He does, however, be condescending enough (to the people watching the training and to the people he sales calls) that I had to start a tally of it.

Remember, when you watch people like this, you deserve respect…. especially if you’re paying the person to give you advice. When someone talks to you, run. Nothing they know is worth you being talked to like this. Check out the training on my channel to see how someone can teach you something without making you feel stupid for not already knowing it (you know, because you aren’t.)


OG Video (that we’re reacting to):

Nicole Reacts: Brian Carruthers (previous video with the power hour):

CAN-Spam Act Rules For Businesses (including penalties for emailing people marketing emails who opted out:

We’re doing a live training on February 18, 2023, about AI if you want to come (you can get the recording of it after if it’s at some weird time for you):

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