One of these three fabulous creators did a video about this person I watched recently, and I can’t remember, so here’s a link to all three of them!

OG Video:

Drink that water, ho from TikTok:

Not sure if *this* is the Golden Oaks where her new house is being built, but if so, gulp:
Golden Oaks is a Ponzi scheme (back from 2013):
Golden Oaks more recent content:

How to do presets in GIMP (AKA an open-source Photoshop-like software):,in%20the%20Tool%20Presets%20Dialog.

Turn Around Alan on TikTok:

The hot dogs or Legs Tumblr (apparently this was cool in 2013, I may be old):

Helpful videos I’ve made about creating social media content:
Creating Great Social Media Content:
Creating Better DIY Social Media Content Part One:

Creating Better DIY Marketing Content Part Two:

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