There are a lot of Alex Hormozi stans on the internet, so I post this video while holding my breath…

I am not sure how toxic hustle culture is still holding on, but here we are. No doubt Alex has made himself very successful, going from sleeping on the floor of his gym to making millions every month, but if you spent 8 hours a day selling to everyone you know, would you be able to get there too? It’s debatable.

But a volatile social media following (in both upward and downward directions), some red pill adjacent takes, and the simple fact that the easiest way to make more money is to already have some tell me Alex is a complex figure whose rise to popularity isn’t necessarily because he is a marketing genius.

In this broadcast, we talk about hiring a marketing agency, maintaining a network, finding patterns to tell if someone might be buying followers, and offering services for free, among other things. Stick around!

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