Watch Nicole and Julie reacted to 8 marketing tiktoks from affiliates promising $10K revenue months to beginners to overly aggressive whiteboard bros who gloss over some pretty big plot holes in their business plans. Julie Anderson is an antiMLM creator who was formerly a part of both an MLM and a high ticket coaching group and uses her platform to speak out about deceptive marketing practices with her Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok platforms.

Julie Anderson and Nicole Ouellette both love making content, and both love TikTok. We react to some of the more ridiculous videos I’ve run into about marketing and making money online. The bummer is that it’s too good to be true just about 100% of the time.

Videos I’ve mentioned in this stream:

Interview About MLM Versus Marketing Company Best Practices:

My problems with MLM Companies (Lightly Vintage Nicole):

Podcast interviews Julie has done:
Life After MLM – Episode 123: Julie Anderson

From Huns to Humans – Ep. 46 – GenX takes on Antimlm – Julie Anderson – Monat…

The #BIEStmode Podcast – Escaping Monat with Julie

The Persuasion Pitch – Episode 59: Rank Makers with Julie Anderson

The Soulful Human Podcast – Julie Anderson: Ex-MLMer and Coaching Cult(ish) Survivor

What She Said! With Candace Sampson – The MLM Trap: The Reality Behind the Promises of Financial Freedom for Women

YouTube interviews with Julie:
Brainwashed For 5 Years In Monat | Multi-Level Misery

Exposing RankMakers
@ErinBies @juliejo

Rank Makers Exposed | Watch this before joining Rank Makers

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