Social bookmarking websites are one of those things that I know I grasp only add that basic level. I do know though that they can be very powerful, especially after this last weekend.

Stumbled-upon Friday, I had my first stumble. I happened to look at my stats (just another exciting Friday night in my life!) and I saw huge spike in traffic.

When I look at the referrers I found a woman who'd stumbled an old post of mine. (This post in case you were curious). For the next 24 hours at my usual weekend traffic was doubled. I could have hugged this woman, I was that excited.

Social bookmarking is a great way to keep your favorite links organized and searchable not to mention give props to someone who wrote something that was enjoyable to you. So increasing knowledge and my own positive personal experience combined, I have seen the light. I heart social bookmarking! I've decided to finally get into this. For serious.

Any ideas as to why social bookmarking site I should start with? I find the "Stumble Upon" toolbar thing hasn't worked for me since I am on a couple different computers everyday…

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