On this day last year, I decided I was going to blog. I had brainstormed a list of potential blog names over the course of a few days and as I thought more about the potential names, I kept really liking "Breaking Even".

First off, Breaking Even is the initial modest goal I had for the blog and for myself. First, I wanted to break even with this blog: have enough advertising and other revenue to pay for my web hosting, software, and maintaining/enhancing my computer. After a year, I'm very close to doing that thanks to Blogher and have surpassed that if you count the blog consulting I do (no regular writing gigs yet). For my second break even goal, I also wanted to break even with my own budget (after spending a few months in the red getting used to my smaller salary). I am now breaking even in my personal budget and putting aside more money then I ever have.

Breaking Even also means I don't want to get rich (though if that happens, I wouldn't mind!) I just want enough in my life, enough money to pay for a modest lifestyle, save a little for my old age, andhave a yearly trip to somewhere I've never been. I don't want to worry about money but I don't want to obsess about acquiring it either. Breaking Even is a balanced life.

And finally Breaking Even is above all being positive. I didn't call this blog "I'm a Loser with Debt" or "Struggling Penny Pincher". Breaking Even is moving forward, it's "making it". It's for everyone who thinks or wants to think about how to positively look at saving money and spending less. It's a positive look at life and what you can do with it.

Ok enough with the misty eyed talk on my blogiversary! To celebrate, I'm making my own cheese for my Too Cute Tuesday post this afternoon. (I know what you're thinking, I sure do know how to party!) I wish I could buy you all a cupcake to celebrate but funny pictures of me making cheese and a round-up of my most favorite posts at the end of the week will have to do!

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