So American pop culture and the internet has embraced the Call Me Maybe song. And whenever I’m having a crappy kind of day, I totally watch this video parody of it with Corgis (because why wouldn’t it be?):

Googling ‘Call Me Maybe’ and checking out image results, you’ll find some fun stuff. Here’s a collection/some info about the meme:

We’ve jumped on this meme at Breaking Even and with Nicole copy/ideas and Alice artwork/ideas, we have a series of ‘Call Me Maybe’ inspired statements with accompanying cheesy pictures about internet marketing. All week. Yes you may have just died and gone to heaven. Or you more accurately you may chuckle for a few seconds.

First up, Foursquare. Let us know what you think! And if you like it, pin it, Facebook share it, tweet it, whatever! :^) Happy Monday!

Hey I just checked in, and this is crazy, your venue has no address, so claim it maybe.

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