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I recently went with a friend to Tom’s Terrific Tattoos, located in Ellsworth Maine. I’ve long seen the bumper stickers on people’s cars. I feel like I even heard about the place before moving to Downeast Maine, probably because the name is so memorable.

When one of my friends wanted me to go with her to get her tattoo, I jumped at the chance to finally see the inside of TTT’s.

Being memorable, especially in the creative industry, really pays off.

Have a memorable name.
If you are thinking of naming a business or rebranding a part of your business, a memorable name can help people keep you in mind when they are ready to make a purchase.

Give away free stuff with your memorable business name on it.
I noticed on the counter, Tom had bumper stickers and business cards with the business name on it. Also, he give my friend a ‘goodie bag’ which included one of the bumper stickers as well as care supplies for the tattoo.

A variety of promotional materials are available on the counter at Tom's Terrific Tattoos. A side effect of making your business name fun: people will want to promote it.

Have a website with examples of your work.
Tom has a fairly basic website with examples of his work. If I was shopping for a tattoo place, I’d want one with a website, if only because I would feel a business with a website is more established. Is this important when I’m considering someone putting a needle into my body? Absolutely. Is it important to other people? I can’t say for sure but probably.

Get good word of mouth, online and off.
I asked Tom how much of his clients were repeats. “70-80%” is what he told me. So if you are in business of dealing with quality over quantity, then it’s important to spell out what is expected, offer a good product, and provide great service after the sale.

In Tom’s case, he is explicit on care instructions (which are also on his website) and he has examples of his work both on his website and in albums at his shop. And since he has so much repeat business, it’s clear that people like his work.

At Tom's Terrific Tattoos and on his website, you can see lots of examples of work. Seeing possibilities is inspiring to people.

Practice what you preach.
I expect my hairdresser to be experimental with hair, my web designer to have a website, so would I wonder what was up if a tattoo artist had no tattoos? Yes!

Tom has tons, in case you’re curious.

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