Every Monday it’s a website, company, or non-profit doing cool things online. Contact me if you have an idea of someone or some company I should profile.

One of my clients let me know about these social media awards called the SAMMY Awards, presented by DIGIDAY and given for social media, marketing and advertising campaigns. Mostly given to large companies, these awards can still give ideas even to smaller businesses. This year’s winners included:

U by Kotex’s social media campaign/website: http://www.ubykotex.com/

Mad Men Yourself’s avatar creation program: http://www.amctv.com/originals/madmen/madmenyourself/

American Express’ Open web forum: http://www.openforum.com/

Notice these brands aren’t necessarily selling something directly but are instead offering good online content, providing something interesting people want to share, and subtly making the website visitor aware of the product. It’s a soft sell, folks. We could all learn something about that, myself included!

To see a full list of the winners, check out: http://www.sammyawards.com/

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