Mondays, the Breaking Even blog likes to profile a business, non-profit, or person doing cool things online. If you have an idea, let me know about it!

A few years ago, my first dog Sadie spent a lot of time licking my kitchen floor. I hadn’t thought much about what I was putting on it until then but as an over protective first-time dog parent, I started looking at my options. Method (tagline: people against dirty) advertised in some of my favorite magazines and their natural cleaning products that smelled good sounded great to me. I’m now a fan.

I recently got an email about their new website. Now, it takes a lot for a website to get me to want to create a free profile for myself. But Method got me to create a profile on its new community website because it was actually kind of fun to fill out. What is one Method product that is my soulmate? What is the leading cause of dirt in my house? Sure, they collected my basic info but the fun questions balanced out the boringness.

For signing up, I also get 50% off a different product (user chosen) every week. I do like to save money on things I’d buy anyway!

Anyway, the way Method has made a space for their customers to talk about their loyalty is really interesting for the individual site visitors, but will probably also help them get some great data on what people like a lot and why customers buy their products (two questions snuck into the short profile questions).

The real reason I first bought (and still buy) these products however is that I appreciate the green but design-y aspect of the products. I even saw their detergent bottle won a design award. Living in a small house, I appreciate that under my kitchen sink isn’t half filled with a ginormous jug of laundry detergent!

To see the new site in action, visit

A complete aside: this email about the new site launch inspired me to wash my floors. Mmm, almonds. And since I ran out of cleaner, I got online to order some more… Holy cow, I’m just realizing now that this email campaign actually worked on me!

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