Just off Route 3 in Bar Harbor, you’ll find a self-described “eclectic group of Art and Mental Health Therapists” known as The Counseling Collaborative. Topics in mental health can be tricky to navigate, but as the word “collaborative” suggests, perhaps we can gain more ground if we approach it as a group.

Located in Hulls Cove, The Counseling Collaborative houses three therapists with varying backgrounds and areas of focus. All three are united in their approach using the connection of mind, body, and spirit to promote healing. Whether they’re healing adults, children, family units, or the community, this group is ready and willing to work with the island to encourage mental/emotional/spiritual well-being, and offer opportunities to discuss topics that could otherwise be ignored.

People who are looking for counseling services do a bit of research beforehand (after all, they’re putting a lot of trust in this person), and one of the first places they go? The internet. On their website, The Counseling Collaborative has headshots of all their providers, which is comforting to know what faces to expect in advance. In addition to credentials, you can also find their areas of focus, including substance abuse, body image issues, anxiety/depression, and art therapy. Having all of this information online gives potential clients a chance to “see” them before scheduling an appointment.

They are also active on Facebook, which they use to share information about upcoming events around the community. This is where the “collaborative” bit comes into play- most of these events are offered in conjunction with one or more other local organizations. Past events include a Self-Defense Class for Girlts with Camp Beechcliff, a Processing Trauma Workshop at COA, and a workshop on Rural Ethics with Wanda Anderson of Online Field Education. These events are another way for potential clients to meet Milja, Dawn, and Tara in a “low-risk” setting (kind of like what we’ve talked about before in our sales goblet post).



The Counseling Collaborative is using their online tools of social media and a website to share their off-line events and do good things in our community. Here’s to their ongoing work in the community!


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