You’ve been told by hundreds of SEO d-bags to put keywords on your site: on pages, in metatags, and more but how do you figure out what words to use? That’s what this video is about.
With keywords, we care about three basic things:
  1. Search volume – Are people actually looking for this word?
  2. Competition – Are other websites/companies trying to rank for this word? (Ex: Cost per click on ads will be high.)
  3. Relevancy – Is this actually a good word for what you do?
  4. Purchasing power – Is someone searching this word looking to buy something?
Free tools will give you volume, competition, and ideas. Ex: and
Paid tools will give you context, give more granular data (ex: how the word performs in different search engines) and allow you to dive in deeper.
Most paid tools, offer a free trial so get yourself organized, use your free trial, export your results to a spreadsheet you can reference later, and get out of there! and are examples.
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