I told myself I would never blog about blogging. It just seemed like a kind of odd thing to do. But here I am…

So I think it’s clear that I like to write. Always have, always will. I’m trying to figure out if blogging will actually ever make me money. Before I think about making money off Google Adsense or my own ads or endorsements, I need to build some credibility. And I need more people to come to this site.

To drive up traffic, I’ve 1) added this blog to blog directories (see my list of links on the side of the page). Have a forgotten one? Let me know. I’m going to track my stats and see which blog directories are driving the most traffic my way. I’ll let you know.

I have also 2) emailed and told people about this blog. Some of my friends love it and tell me, and some just read it, both of which I totally appreciate.

I am taking a next step 3) learning how to market my blog. There are some great tips on this web site.

I am hopeful that all three of these things will drive up traffic on my little blog. Anyone else have other ideas they’ve tried or know about?

Need marketing help?