Maineblognetwork You may remember a month or so ago when I first proposed a Maine Blog Network. I thank those of you who helped pass the word around and those who wrote me to send me links. Some people even stepped forward to offer to work on it.

I have been working on this a little. I changed the DNS on to my hosting company so I'll have hosting on the site in 24-48 hours. Until that happens, there isn't a whole lot I can do (plus I'm still deciding with those working with me what software to use). I have, however, started two sub-projects that I'd like feedback on. Today, logo, tomorrow the first draft list of Maine bloggers (this is taking me waaaay longer then I thought, holy cow are there a lot of Maine bloggers!).


Don't worry, I don't think that just because I have Photoshop means that I'm a graphic designer. But I think a symbol of the network that's simple, easy to reproduce, and looks good small or large is key. I was thinking key elements would be the state of Maine itself, symbols of conversation, maybe something that implies the internet or blogs or computers.

Since I had a little insomnia this morning, I finally tried to do something in really simple as a jumping off point. I'm putting it in this post at 500 pixels not because I think it's fabulous but I figured you artistic types could play with a higher resolution image (an art credit on the site for your trouble). But even if you just have verbal ideas, please comment below. All I know is this needs to look less lame.

So come back tomorrow for the list of bloggers I have so far and make sure I have your name or the names of your favorite Maine blogs. I've spent most of today compiling around one hundred blogs and I'll put them in a nice format for tomorrow.

I'll be emailing those of you on my email list about all this too so if you want to be on that list, email me so I have your contact info. Thanks!

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