So you want to buy Youtube subscribers?
Honestly I do too in moments… but it still feels a little gross to me.

What feels less gross AND might result in subscribers is paying for someone to optimize a few of my Youtube videos, and so that’s what I did to see what happened.
Historically, I enjoy running experiments on things that are slightly taboo but the TLDR of all of them is that, while you can throw money at the problem to take a shortcut, nothing bad will probably happen… but doesn’t mean amazing things will happen either.
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If I were to simply Youtube growth in a short equation, it would be something like this: Youtube Growth = Niche/Format + Work + Luck
So where does the optimization come in?

Well doing things like formatting longer form Youtube descriptions, adding tags to videos, and getting people to like and comment did seem to move the needle on individual video optimizations and did increase the amount of impressions on my channel immediately after but it may take a few months to see the longer form effects of this (ex: Do my videos come up in search more often? Do I get more subscribers over the next three months while continuing to post on my usual schedule?)

Resources mentioned:
Keywords Everywhere
The Mack Attack video sampled here, starting at about 21 minute mark, but I love this guy’s channel!
Social Blade

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