doingmoreonpinterestOK so you’ve gone on Pinterest; created compelling boards of content; added ‘Pin it’ buttons to your website;  left comments on popular pins;  followed others;  and otherwise done everything you are supposed to do on Pinterest…

So once you have done that, what ELSE can you do to get more followers? Inspired by my wanting to get to 1,000 Pinterest followers by the end of January, I did some research for you and I. Below are some free tools you might like to take advantage of using if you are beyond the beginner stage of Pinterest:

Earn seeds by following people and repinning. You can find these theoretical people to follow by interests (five total preferred interests).

This is kind of a ‘you pin me, I pin you’ sharing system. Within five minutes:


So, um, yeah. Seems to work. and

Make non-ugly pictures and quotes to go on your pages and blog posts so people actually want to pin them. Because ask yourself truly: Those blog posts and pages on your website that you want people to pin, is there even a cool image on them? or

Sync your Facebook and Pinterest accounts. Like when people are looking at my business page, they can see:


While I’m not a big fan of saying the same thing on every social network, I do think it’s important to have a way to get people back and forth… also I think not taking advantage of Facebook’s over 1 billion users seems a little silly.

The Google Alert of Pinterest. Get an email notification when someone pins something from your website(s). You can make these as frequent (as it happens) or infrequent (once a week) as you like.

How does this get you more followers? By responding to the people who help out your website, you can turn them from drive by ‘I liked that one thing’ people into friends who will repin your stuff again and again (hopefully, if you keep being awesome that is).

This is a Pinterest analytics system that integrates with Google Analytics. Since it didn’t ask me for my Pinterest login (only my username and then a way I could create an account with) so it seems I could analyze others with this tool too. They give you some stuff free but want to get you hooked so you buy the pro version.

It was interesting for example to find out that my most ‘viral’ board was my humor one, affirming both that I am funny and that I need to step up my game on my other boards.

If you want a much much more detailed breakdown of these and some paid tools too:

In other words, even if at the beginning of this post you thought you were doing everything on Pinterest, think again my friends! Let me know how using these tools works for you!

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