I know, I know. My posts are getting more techy and less saving money lately. Essentially the issue is my almost five year old laptop is not running so hot (imagine that) but I can’t afford to replace it, at least not right now. When I tried to run a defrag a week ago after deleting some non-essential programs and files, my memory was too full for a defrag. I only had 5% free space and I need 15% to run a defrag.

So time and energy has been thrown at this problem. I have successfully reached my 15% goal and a defrag will run while I sleep tonight.

Here’s how I freed up 10% more space on my computer:

  • You know those free T.V. shows they have once a week on iTunes? (If you want an archive of them or don’t know what I’m talking about, check out this blog.) Well, since I don’t have cable, I download one every week in hopes it’ll give me my television fix. So deleting all those shows I will never watch (read: Gossip Girl) and watching those shows I’m ashamed to admit I like and then deleting them (ok, I’ll admit: My Big Redneck Wedding). Deleting unnecessary video has created some much needed room. Like a show? Burn it on CD or DVD for future enjoyment.
  • Uploading photos to my Picasa web albums, which I talked about last post. Free 1,000 MB and, if you don’t know how much that is, I’ve probably uploaded close to 1,000 high quality digital photos and there is still room. As my boyfriend asked in amazement, "Do other people know about this?"
  • Delete photos you don’t like. I have some unflattering pictures of myself, fuzzy photos, duplicates, etc. that I’ve been holding on to for too long. I think many people feel guilt about throwing away pictures. I am no longer one of those people. Since I was getting my pictures ready to upload anyway, I took some time to delete. And it was good.
  • Delete podcasts. You know, I always mean to listen to the CBC podcasts but sometimes, it doesn’t happen. Then I end up with a pile in my iTunes folder and it makes me feel like such a slacker, sort of how I would feel if I subscribed to an intellectual magazine I only read sometimes. I deleted all podcasts that were over a week old that I had no sentimental attachment towards. I kept a few This American Life ones though because they rock.
  • Don’t forget to empty your little recycle bin/trash can. I know, I know. Just had to remind.

Hopefully this will help my, and maybe someone else’s computer run a little better. I like to think of myself as the kind of person who repairs something broken rather than going out and buying new things so here’s hoping my computer is not the exception. 

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