So at lunch yesterday, John said the exact thing you never want to hear at the beginning part of a relationship.

“There is something I need to tell you.”

My imagination is quite active so I had some crazy stuff go through my brain in those few second that followed. I tried to keep my face blank and non-judgmental as I said, “Go ahead.”

“I actually do have a blog… It’s anonymous. I started it a couple years ago. I don’t mind giving you the address if you want it.”

I was relieved it wasn’t something actually insane. It was also kind of validating, since I had also been telling him that he should have a blog several times this weekend. He’s an interesting person, a gifted photographer, and a great writer.

But there is where my stance on his blog ends.

I actually don’t want to read it. At all.

This isn’t because I don’t care about what he’s thinking or don’t think he is a good writer. I just know that when you write anonymously, it is noticeably different, both in style and content, then what you would write if your whole name were associated with it. (I’ve often envied anonymous bloggers and their ability to be candid in a way that I can’t, and have toyed with the idea of starting an anonymous blog myself.)

If I had access to John’s blog, all of a sudden everything he wrote would have to be passed through some kind of “Is it OK for Nicole to read this?” filter for him, completely detracting from the very reason he started the blog in the first place.

So in a humorous plot twist in my life story, I am apparently dating an anonymous blogger.

It has been agreed that he will send me text to posts he’s proud of and wants to share with me via email. I have decided I am not going looking for this blog. We are both ok with this.

Meanwhile have you found yourself in this position? If you are an anonymous blogger, how (and did) you break it to your significant other?

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