It's going around the blogosphere and Facebook and since it's Friday and I'm zonked, I thought I'd go for it. For those of you who know me on Facebook, I've changed a few of these…

1. I own about ten cashmere sweaters and love and wear them all.
2. I never had a nightmare until after my father died. Now I do fairly regularly… and I hate it.
3. If I had one power, I wish I could help everyone I meet see their potential, myself included . Sounds corny but I honestly think people don’t understand what they are capable of doing. I feel like shaking people sometimes and saying “You are not stuck in your life!”
4. My thesis research looked at long chained fatty acids indicative of plant life in a sediment core from a lake in Russia. Believe it or not, this doesn't always come up in conversation.
5. If I could afford it, I’d have a massage and a therapy session every week.
6. I am so right handed I can barely drink a glass of water with my left hand.
7. I love vintage jewelry. Among my favorites are my great grandmother’s rhinestone earrings and my grandmother’s engagement ring.
8. My “Frenchness” is a key part of who I am, and the second I pull into the city limits of my hometown, my accent comes right back.
9. Being pleasant has gotten me further in my life then I ever thought possible, far more then any other quality or qualifications I have.
10. I have long ago embraced my imperfection and market it to people as endearing.
11. If I meet you and learn your birthday, I will look you up in my birthday “personology” dictionary and see if we’re going to get along.
12. People feel really comfortable talking to me and tell me a lot of secrets… then I forget them. That’s probably why they tell me!
13. My host mother in France taught me to cook Mediterranean cuisine, and I am ever grateful because it’s my favorite thing to make!
14. Sushi is my favorite thing to eat and I can eat a lot of it if the opportunity presents itself.
15. I have now reached a point in my life where there are some things I’d redo if I could…large parts of the last year included…
16. but since I can’t I won’t dwell on them…or will I?
17. I got a dog four days after I got my first full time job, and I’ve never regretted it. I knew I was a dog person.
18. As liberated as I am, I wish someone would want to marry me. I’d be fun to marry, right?
19. Someday, I hope to work from home, which is why I’m spending a lot of time and energy building this online business now.
20. I really like quotations and have them posted all around my apartment, sometimes in unexpected places.
21. If I was naturally skinny, I’d eat ice cream all day and never work out.
22. I may love technology but I keep my notes and my journals the old fashioned way.
23. My blog is about money/personal finance because when I took my latest job, I took a $8000 salary cut and had to learn to do without. I’m still learning!
24. I want to be famous.
25. My favorite color is hot pink.

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