Exchanging Links For Credits Means Not Spending Cash On Advertising

I was checking out another money saving blog, Sense To Save when I learned about Entrecard.

Betile The five minute video on their site will explain this better than I can but essentially, it is a way to trade advertisements with other bloggers by exchanging virtual business cards (I put the card I designed in this post. It’s amazing what you can make during an afternoon break with Photoshop!). Rather than pay money for advertising, I earn credits and then can use these credits to "buy" advertisements on blogs. People can do the same with me. We can approve or not approve a trade, giving blog authors control of what’s on their site.

I just posted my card when I began this post and I already got an offer for an exchange (three minutes later). So if you’re a blogger, look into setting up a free account at Entrecard and trying it out. Because with free advertising that you approve, you have nothing to lose.

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