I’m traveling today but don’t worry, this is the livestream equivalent of a substitute teacher’s plan that the regular teacher leaves… so I hope you have that same feeling of excitement as when that TV/laserdisc player rolled into the classroom! (You did watch nature documentaries when your teachers were gone for the day too, right?)

Part of the hesitation with making an ecommerce site is the monthly costs to license software (Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, etc.) or the costs of having a developer build an online store from scratch.

The good news is there are some free tools. Are they perfect? No. Do they have limits? Yes. If these companies are offering something for free, they are getting something from you. But as long as we go in with our eyes open and know what to look out for, we can make a good decision.

If you want a take on the paid options out there, let me know and I’ll do a future video(s) on it, otherwise tag or share this video with someone who should have an ecommerce site but doesn’t yet! Just in time for the holidays if you do it now…

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