Wonder how your news savvy friends seem to follow hundreds of websites and hold down a job? Wish there was a way to know when a website had ‘something new’ without visiting it constantly? RSS feeds are your friend and we’re gonna geek out on them with guest James Nobles because besides being cool, they are actually quite useful!

RSS Feeds Use #1: Reading Websites
RSS Feeds Use #2: Find and Share Social Media Content (and let AI find better content for you)
RSS Feeds Use #3: Send Automated Email Newsletters
RSS Feeds Use #4: Display Content On Websites
RSS Feeds Use #5: Watch Your Competition (Or Pull Together A ‘Team’ Newsletter with Industry Content)
The Link Nicole references explaining RSS Feeds ‘The Oprah Way’: https://www.websitemagazine.com/blog/RSS-The-Oprah-Way
Link Saver That James and Nicole Like: www.getpocket.com
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