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That's right, I'm about to blog about soap. But since personal care falls in the realm of being fashionable and stylish, I figure I'm allowed. Now let me preach to you…

Drbronners I bought some Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap initially to go on a camping trip (wash me and my dishes with one bottle? Yes please!). I ended up, of course, with a mostly full bottle when I got back so I stuck it in my shower.

This $5 has been working for me since August and I'd like to make multiple cases for this lovely product:

1) Certified fair trade an organic. That's always good because normally there's all kinds of crazy stuff in your cosmetics.

2) Multi-use. This product has 18 uses according to the bottle including pet wash, mouthwash, body cleanser, foot soak, dish detergent and dentures. (Yeah, I know, I finally write something for you denture wearers out there! About time I'm sure.)

3) Clean minty smell. If this doesn't wake you up in the morning, I don't know what will.

4) Good for boys and girls. You don't have to put up with her girly flowery stuff or his boy musky stuff. One bottle for everyone!

5) A little goes a long way. I've had my bottle since August and yes, I do take regular showers. A dab will do you in this case.

6) Fun writing on the bottle. Read Biblical verses while you're hanging out in the shower. You know, because why not?

So if you are looking for a natural cleaner that'll leave you smelling nice at a great price, may I recommend this little bottle of fantasticness. Want to know more? Check out Dr. Bronner's website.

Happy Friday! Did I mention you smell fantastic today?

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