Well I did what I thought was a fabulous audio podcast from the road today but of course it's not uploading so I'm coming to you in my usual written format.

I flew back east yesterday (into the cold, yikes!) and spent the day driving to my hometown of Fort Kent for the weekend to celebrate my grandparent's 60th wedding anniversary tomorrow. Needless to say, a lot of traveling.

I got to thinking today about my wrists. Mainly driving long distances tweaks my wrists similar to blogging so I have to wear my guards when I drive as well (people who pass me must think I'm a total punk!).

I've learned a few other things on this trip about ergonomics from my friends who have had similar issues and I thought I'd share.

1) Try braces. You already know about mine. Here are some pictures of me with my skater-looking blog braces here and here. I got mine at Rite Aid for about $20 each and they have more then paid for themselves. ($40 for both wrists)

2) Get voice recognition software. Frugal Fergie had a review of Dragon NaturallySpeaking software recently. My friend Sarah's fiancee Jeremy is a blogger who is currently traveling across the country. This software is allowing him to blog on the road while he's driving. I'm definitely investing! ($200)

3) Get a seperate keyboard for your laptop. My friends both do this and along with a wireless mouse, this is an ergonomic and inexpensive way to turn your laptop into a desktop computer. Bonus is that you can make your laptop sit higher, making the screen more ergonomically correct as well. ($30)

So throwing a little money at this carpal tunnel problem may help me even more. If you have any tips that make your computer use more comfortable, do share!

Another great article: How to Avoid the Physical Hazards of Blogging from Problogger

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