So I wrote a blog last night (and by wrote, I mean dictated to my new voice recognition software…amazing!) and was ready to post. My first post from my new apartment, which I was quite excited about.

The town I now live in (Bar Harbor) apparently has a free Wi-Fi network and since I'm right in the middle of it all, I figured it would work. As I went to connect to the internet, I saw no evidence of this network. Oh come on!

At 10 pm (and about 30 degrees outside), I didn't have the energy to put on warm clothes and drive around looking for a signal.

Just had to vent my frustration, and my annoyance of probably having to pony up for internet services.

Look for the post later tonight, when I'll probably go to my friend's house to mooch of her internet while I figure out the local hotspots. Have a good day!

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