The third post of my Holy Technology! series this week only.

So I once went on a date with a guy a few years ago and he stuck his cell phone on the table… with it still being on. It was like I was on a date with both of them. Yikes.

It was in part this need of constantly being connected (at least some people) that made me hold out on getting a cell phone for so long. Then I sat next to a guy on the plane to Vegas last year and half of our 5 hours of conversation was on the subject of cell phones and what they meant to our society. He convinced me I was being an old fashioned ninny (not his words) and I finally broke down and got one.

I now love to send little text messages to my friends and calling them in spare moments when I know they're free too. But may I put a few rules out there that I think everyone should follow?

1) Turn off your cell phone whenever you want to give your undivided attention to someone or something, whether it is your date or the meeting you are attending.

2) Give anyone who acts annoyed about not being able to reach you instantly a reality check.

3) If you have to have a more then two minute conversation, please duck somewhere private. Oh, and not the bathroom.

4) Chuck out all these rules if you are, say, an emergency room doctor or waiting for an organ donation.

Please share any additional personal rules you have or even funny situations you've experienced related to cell phone manners (or lack thereof).

Way more rules about cell phones to forward to clueless friends…

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