Where has the Breaking Even blog been? It’s a good question.

I promised I’d never write an apology post but this blog needs one. I am sorry I haven’t been keeping things up. For the last few weeks, I’ve been looking at this blog as a chore. In short, I had forgotten why I started writing it, which is that I love not only the idea of blogs but an excuse to write on a regular basis.

I am back in love with the Breaking Even blog, folks!

This week, it’s back to the usual schedule from now on. You can now count on a posting multiple times a week:

Marketing Mondays, I’ll be writing about marketing, both online and in real life. In examining case studies of individuals, businesses, and websites, we can all learn how to not only promote but communicate better.

Tuesdays, I’ll be writing Too Cute Tuesdays. Begun two years ago, TCT is a weekly event involving a craft and a cocktail with friends. The craft is always inexpensive, and the spirit is always fun and experimental.

Thursdays, I’ll be writing This Week In Business, a summary of what’s going on here at Breaking Even Communications. Learn from my mistakes and get some inspiration for your business.

Fridays will be a fun post about money or business.

And because I live in and love the state of Maine, my fair state will often play some role in my posts.

In short, I’m back to the blog and love it again. Thanks for sticking with me and look forward to spending more time with those who read this. I appreciate it so much!

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