We’ve heard a few gurus talking about ‘warming up the algorithm’ before you post and how it increases engagement… but of course, we couldn’t take *their word for it so we ran our own little experiment. Tune in to see what we found!

A couple of months ago, I noticed a couple of people talking about warming up the algorithm. Mainly it was multilevel marketing people but I thought I’d search around and turns out people are talking about it:



(I’m mainly including those links so you don’t think I’m crazy.)

But you know who isn’t talking about warming up the algorithm? Social networking websites, marketing automation blogs, or most people in the marketing industry.

The idea always seemed a little ridiculous to me: a few minutes before you post something, engage with other people’s content (leaving comments, sharing, or ‘liking it’) before posting your own bit of content is somehow going to make it more visible? With algorithms themselves being not only dependent on a lot of other things (ex: what other links you click on, which profiles/pages you interact with, what percentage of a video you watch before moving on, etc.) but very different from each other, it seemed this little tip of warming up would, at best, have a 5% or similarly small effect on things.

But rather than dismiss this outright, we decided to run our very small experiment where for a couple of weeks before our weekly live streams and Friday video uploads to Youtube, we’d engage with other pages on Youtube and Facebook. Today, we’ll look at the data and see if our efforts increased live video views, increased content views in general (even after the ‘live’ part was over), and increased overall traffic to our social media pages (ex: someone seeing a comment and clicking on our business name).

I’ll TLDR this: there was no measurable difference. It is, indeed, not a thing. But if you want a bit of a deep dive, watch or listen to the video because we’ll definitely talk about it!

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