What’s one way to drive traffic to your website, engage people on social media, and be a part of something bigger for the holidays? Today we talk about creating an online holiday gift guide, with exclusively your products or your products along with others.

Gift guides are great content for a website (or other places) for the following reasons: Reason One: It takes time and research to make so not many people will do it.
Reason Two: Searchable content (good for SEO) that gives you lots of social posting inspo.
Reason Three: Involves other people so increases your reach and engagement… and builds relationships!
Reason Four: Potential money making opportunity in the way of affiliates. Note: You MUST disclose this.

***Resources From This Broadcast***
Example Gift Guides in several formats:
Interactive: Gift MDI Chat Gift Guide : m.me/giftmdi
Written: Vist SLC Blog visitstlc.com/blog
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKoxpIaNlwg&ab_channel=LisaEldridge

How to find other local businesses to include:

Search for Etsy sellers by location. Etsy.com and click Search and you’ll be able to say town and city.
Search Instagram by location tag to see what businesses are active. Ex: https://www.instagram.com/explore/locations/32094752/bar-harbor-maine
Search ‘businesses near me’ in Google.
Check your local or regional Chambers of Commerce, downtown organizations, etc.
Ask for recommendations via web form and give away a prize to the best ideas.

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