We have done it for over a decade: every new website we make or get access to, we add Google Analytics for tracking, not even thinking twice. It’s free, has a ton of data, and stores it indefinitely. Win-win, right?

Due to increasing privacy concerns about Google, compliance with legislation about data (fun fact, did you know as part of your privacy policy you need a data compliance officer who can be directly contacted?), people are looking for alternatives.
James Nobles, one of Nicole’s Potsdam New York area friends with his own web firm, came on as a guest to talk about different Google Analytics. (I asked him if he wanted me to shout him out with his website link or whatever but I guess if you wanna get to James, he wants you to talk to me! Just didn’t want you to think I was a jerk for not citing my source.)
  • https://panelbear.com/- Simple dashboard, has a ‘hobby’ plan for free that is up to 5,000 page views a month. Only keeps your data 30 days (paid plans for more traffic, real time analytics, email reports, and longer data storage.)
  • https://simpleanalytics.com/ – Same simple dashboard idea but integrates directly with Twitter (if you want to see what tweet sent you the traffic) and has its own API.
  • https://plausible.io/- Simple dashboard that has some open source code (https://github.com/plausible/analytics) but also has a paid solution ($6/month starting) that integrates with Slack too.
  • https://usefathom.com/- A simple dashboard with goal completions front and center. Starting at $14/month (track unlimited websites with under 100,000 page views)
  • https://matomo.org/pricing/ – The most like Google Analytics with ecommerce and other integrations. Open source if you want to put it on your own server (AKA free) but monthly fee if you want your data hosted in ‘the cloud’.
So the good news if you want to dump Google Analytics? You’ve got options!
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