I’ve been faced with an interesting dilemma these past couple of weeks.

Twice, I have been contacted about advertising on my site. Would I be interested in advertising? How about a pay-per-post or a small text ad? Basically, do you want money for what you are already doing? Sure do. Seems like an easy question, right?

So both of these potential advertisers that have contacted me are short term (sometimes called “pay day”) loan companies. Not so easy anymore. For one, I’m very against these but also I wouldn’t want someone visiting my site to get into a bad situation because they followed one of my links.

I would love to make money blogging. Actually, I am currently paying to maintain this Typepad site so I guess breaking even should be my first goal. But at what price? It becomes a moral dilemma.

Have other bloggers been faced with this? If so, how have you reacted?

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